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Humans: would you rather

Meet the students of Eagle Rock High School! All photos by Nyda Hosack.

Allister Jumarang, 9th grade

Would you rather always say what you're thinking or never be able to speak again?

Never be able to speak again! You guys do not want to know what I'm thinking. The one person I say everything to is scared of me, and I just have a lot of judgments.

Ava Rocha and Alex Hernandez, 12th grade

Would you rather always adopt a British accent in serious conversations or laugh every time someone cries?

The British accent for sure. They're just really silly and it's mean to laugh when someone cries.

Mia Cheng, 9th grade

Would you rather eat a live tarantula or a colony of dead ants?

Probably the ants. If you're eating a live tarantula you would probably feel it inside you, crawling in your throat. At least the ants aren't moving and I could put other stuff on them to make them taste better.

Henry Jones, 9th grade

Would you rather adopt a family of bears or be adopted into a family of bears?

I'd adopt them. The bears would probably be too fat to move and I know I could take a bear on. I wanna dress up the babies and I could use the parents as pillows. They wouldn't hurt me because family sticks together. And they'd make some crazy good beanbags, not gonna lie.

Zev Brown and Sawyer Sarinana, 12th grade

Would you rather play a star in a horrible movie or have a small role in a great one?

Be a star in a horrible movie, at least just for the publicity. I'm working on honing my craft and any experience is good experience even if the movie completely sucks.

Natalie Skyler, 9th grade

Would you rather always have wet socks or a rock in your shoe?

Definitely a rock in my shoe because if it was a little pebble it would just stick in my toe and I wouldn't feel it. I hate wet socks, I already have bodily fluids floating around me so I don't need more of that.

Noah Torres, 8th grade

Would you rather never be able to listen to music or always have your least favorite song stuck in your head?

Have my least favorite song stuck in my head because I could just try to drown it out. My least favorite song is probably Shotta Flow by NLE Choppa, I don't know how I used to like it.

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