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Humans of Eagle Rock

Zia Umramwala, 7th

If you were a rap feature on anyone’s song, who would you collab with?

“Probably Lil’ Mabu! He’s the person I listen to the most right now. Or someone popular like Drake.”

John Nicholas Yutan, 11th

If you woke up tomorrow with the power to talk to any animal, which one would it be?

“I wish to talk to hummingbirds. They’re my spirit animals, they go so fast but they’re so graceful. That’s me.

Zoe Mexia Azurdia, 12th

How would you instill world peace?

“Chicken Nuggets.”

Ava Jukic, 7th

Who is your favorite teacher?

“I’m gonna say Mr. Kobaissi, he just makes class very fun.”

Adam Sanchez, 11

What is something about yourself that you want other people to recognize?

“I think I’m stereotyped as an athlete. At least that’s what people saw me as in my old school more than anything. I wanna be seen as, like, an artist. I really like drawing. It’s not really something that you see athletes do, but that’s what I like.”

Samantha Obregon, 12

If we could gift you one thing what would it be?

“Happiness. Everyone should be happy.”

Sally Harrington, 11th

What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you own?

“My uggs-- platform uggs. I wear them every day.”

Jalie Rivera 10th, Isabella Ballada 9th

If you had the ability to master one thing what would it be?

“I would master math. I have an F right now.” - Isabella Ballada

“Just school in general. I got big dreams and like I wanna be smart. I want to be good at school.” - Jalie Rivera

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