Funny YouTubers that cured my depression

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School is back with a new semester, marking the end of doing nothing productive all day and the start of doing nothing productive all day but hating yourself less for it because it wasn't your decision. I'm just kidding; stay in school kids. But school can be stressful, especially during the pandemic.

So, out of the kindness of my heart, I decided I'd share with you some YouTube channels that I've found to keep my spirits high. All of the videos in this article are only a few minutes long, so you have absolutely no excuse not to watch them.

Before we begin, a quick warning that many of these channels have videos with profanity. With that out of the way, I would like to present to you, in no particular order, my personal favorite (comedy-centric) YouTube Channels.

#1. Ryan George

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While many of the channels later down in this list are more likely to appeal to slightly more niche interests or communities, Ryan George can be appreciated by almost anybody (given they have a good sense of humor, that is).

He's most famous for his "pitch meetings'' over on the channel Screen Rant, in which he pretends to be a writer pitching a famous movie to an executive producer, who he also plays. He has some sort of agreement with the company to make videos for them in exchange for some sort of payment.

If you do find yourself on Screen Rant's channel, I would highly recommend finding a pitch meeting for your favorite movie. And then going down the rabbit hole and binging all of them for the rest of time. Just don't watch any of their other videos, they're like an awful cross between WatchMojo and Buzzfeed.

A lot of people have heard of Screen Rant (which is proved by their almost 8 million subscribers), but you might not know that Ryan George has his own channel as well. In my opinion, it's a bit hit or miss, but when it does hit, it hits hard. Here are some of my favorite videos from both channels:

How the tools got their names

Instagram comedian auditions for SNL

If sports start playing out like the 2020 election

"Guardians of the Galaxy" pitch meeting

#2. ProZD

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This guy's channel has changed quite a bit over the years. His older videos are mostly skits and sketches in the same style as the others on this list, but his more recent videos have taken on all sorts of shapes and sizes: board game reviews, trying every Dorito flavor, “My Parents Rank Animal Crossing Characters,” a Sesame Street LEGO set review? What I'm saying is, if you're coming for the more comedy-centered content, you might have to scroll through his channel for a bit.

Most of the sketches are related to video games or anime. Many of the jokes made are based on tropes from the two subjects, so if neither of those things interests you, you probably won't find the videos funny.

With that said, I've only seen like two episodes of anime in my life (unless Avatar: The Last Airbender counts, but that's a debate for a different time). I still find his videos about it hilarious. Here are four of my favorite sketches:

anime story arc titles

when a game only has one voiceover line for a specific action

I asked my grandma to name ALL the Smash Bros Ultimate characters!!!

before and after discovering the subreddit for a hobby

I'm not as big of a fan of his non-sketch videos, but they're still pretty entertaining. He's one of the few people on YouTube who I might like better for their personality than their content. So many people on YouTube think they can be this way, and they just aren't because they aren't interesting people. Usually, I think it's a lot better when people make their content interesting and not themselves.

#3. Ian Kung

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Out of all of the channels on this list, Ian has the shortest videos. I don't think I've seen a single video of his that was more than a minute long. A decent amount of his videos are satirical content mocking stupid people or things in the news, so I can't guarantee that all of his videos will still be relevant if you end up watching them. Most of the others make jokes that are probably only funny to someone who spends a lot of time on the internet. While I'm sure your grandma would love Ryan George, she probably wouldn't understand any of the jokes that Ian Kung makes (unless you have a grandma who browses Reddit regularly). Here are some videos of his that I find particularly funny:

The Real Reason People Won’t Wear Face Masks

Cats writers' room probably

What It's Like Having Reddit Notifications Turned On

#4. Daniel Thrasher

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If you're into playing music, then you'll probably like this channel. Most of his videos are music-related sketches. Here are my (personal) top three:

When you don't understand hip hop

When you learn a riff and put it in everything

When the student becomes the master

The videos can be enjoyed by people with by almost anyone, given you have a slight bit of musical knowledge. Many of the sketches get pretty absurd and go in directions that I would never have expected. Both of these things are plusses for me, but if you aren't into that, then they might not be for you. Just watch some of the ones I linked above, and if you aren't into it, then you probably won't like any of his others either. Many of them end randomly with no real punchline, but it's not a big deal because each one is only a few minutes long. I don't blame him. Endings are hard.

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