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Food review #6: the empanada

Updated: Mar 1

All photos by Charles-Henry Lubatti

On the first day of February, after waiting in what seemed an interminable line, I got the empanada, oranges and the blue pastel carton of low fat milk. This incredibly long line was due to hordes of people refusing to respect the line and cutting to the front. This unruly line is a real problem that must be dealt with.

The empanada came warm, which was good, but the outer texture looked nothing like an empanada. The outside was very thick and solid, more than crispy. However, it did smell like an empanada. The interior did indeed taste like empanada filling and was pretty moist. The outside, however, was pretty dry and sucked a lot of moisture out of your mouth, so you really need to wash it down with milk. My biggest problem overall was that it wasn’t really a true empanada, but was still tasty.

Now onto the oranges. Unlike the usual ones, they were bigger, softer and had a peel that was easier to remove. The orange was incredibly juicy and sweet, with just the right amount of sourness. The oranges are of the satsuma tangerine variety, which can be identified by the knob on the top of them.

The milk is not the one I usually take but was very good, not leaky, and had a sweet, rich, flavor profile.

Overall the empanada was a 6.8/10 but not an empanada, the orange was 10/10 and amazing, and the milk was 9/10. Overall, I would rate the whole meal a 7.9/10, since the empanada was a bit dry and not quite an empanada, the milk did alleviate the dryness and the orange really helped boost the score with how delicious it was.

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very awesome review


the exposure on the photo is so low charles-henry. were you in jail for this one? cha in the clink :-(

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