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Food review #3: the mac & cheese

About a month ago, I was getting lunch at the cafeteria and saw mac and cheese. I would usually avoid it, but I decided it was worth trying and reviewing. I took an apple, milk, and of course, mac and cheese. To be honest, I was not very impressed with the mac and cheese. But, in the end, I found that it was worth eating again if there weren’t any other options (providing it was warm. Otherwise it is congealed and dismal). The milk was as usual; it was at the right temperature with no major leaks that got my tray wet. The apple was very sweet but not crisp at all. While I am critical of my apple’s condition, plenty of other apples appeared to be in good shape, and I have usually gotten pretty good apples from the cafeteria.

The macaroni pasta in the mac and cheese was good, but well past al dente, meaning it was overcooked. This caused it to be too soft. Although I complain about it, it is mac and cheese after all, and that is somewhat to be expected. The real problem here was the cheese. It was warm and melty, so no problem there, and the cheese had no unpleasant tastes. In that lies the problem; it lacked any sort of flavor. I would even go so far as to say it tasted like water, other than a small, somewhat peppery aftertaste. Putting the quality of the individual elements of the meal aside, the meal tied together quite well. After all, I have seen people drink milk with mac and cheese during dinner, and at lunch, eat mac and cheese with an apple. I would rate the milk the usual 9/10 and the apple a very low 6/10 with the mac and cheese a terrible 5/10. Overall, I rate this meal a 6.5/10. While you may think 6.5/10 is generous, and while that may be true, it was not unpleasant but quite filling, and the different meal items did not contradict each other.

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