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Food review #2: the pupusa

Updated: Mar 7

All photos by Charles-Henry Lubatti

A couple weeks ago, I was in line at the cafeteria and took this pupusa; I noticed how they were offering fresh curtido, basically a lightly pickled coleslaw from El Salvador, on the side which I had not seen before in the cafeteria.  I decided that I wanted to do a review of this food item.    This is my second food review, if you have not read my first, maybe go read that one so you can get an idea of how I will be reviewing the cafeteria food.    I took the pupusa with curtido, a banana, and milk. The milk was quite good as usual with nothing to complain

about. The banana was nice and ripe but not too much and had the correct density, sweetness, and texture.    You may notice that in the image there are only a few slices but that was my fault, not a tiny banana. On its own, the curtido was slightly watery, but it later turned out to be a good thing in this case, bland and overall not very good.    However, that being said it tasted fresh and improved the pupusa. Most of the flavor came from the sour liquid not the curtido and the water softened up the pupusa.


The pupusa was very dry and sandpapery on the outside so the water softening it up turned out to greatly improve the texture and mouthfeel of the pupusa.    It was warm and the beans and cheese in the middle were a good consistency and also warm. Even with the tinge of sourness in the water, the curtido really only added a bit of crunch and softened the pupusa. Bananas actually fit pretty well with the meal but not with the milk. The milk was 7.1/10 since it didn’t fit well with the banana which was 9.5/10 and the pupusa was 10/10.  Overall, the meal was a 9/10.

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