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ERHS Rockbotics: Port Hueneme Regional

Photos by Yolotzin Subdias

At the beginning of the month, Eagle Rock’s very own robotics team participated in their first of two FRC (First Robotics Competition) events at the Port Hueneme Regional. The team was at this competition throughout the weekend, arriving early in the morning at school to arrive on time. Competing in a total of nine 3v3 qualification matches, the “Rockbotics” team unfortunately only placed 30th out of the 50 teams competing, not scoring high enough to qualify for the playoff matches. Still, with a much smaller team than most others, and much less funding, the robotics team had a solid competition. 

Here are some pictures from the competition:

This weekend, the team will participate in the Los Angeles FRC Regional, which you can get more information on here.

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