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ERHS pets

Art by Jessica Calaguas

From dogs to cats, and everything in between, people have all sorts of pets. While dogs and cats are more common and can be found in many households, other pets, like turtles, guinea pigs, and hamsters, are found less frequently. Pets can do all sorts of things, like helping their owners with stress, fetching a ball, and even just lounging around or acting cute. But what are ERHS pets like?

Survey by Shiogo Allen

The majority of those surveyed had 2 pets, making up about half of the poll. Most other people had varying amounts of pets, either 1 or 3+, with few students having no pets. The most common pet to be found was dogs, with about ¾ of the survey having at least one dog. Other pets people had included cats, turtles, guinea pigs, and fish.

People do all sorts of strange things with their pets, from talking to their pets in strange voices, teaching pets tricks, and giving their pets food on special occasions. The most common thing that people did with their pets was walking and feeding their pet, along with playing with them. Some other things that people did with their pets were sunbathing their pet, taking pictures, and playing different games like tug of war and blanket hide-and-seek. Surprisingly, some pet owners even go so far as to dress their pet(s) up in costumes during different occasions, like birthdays. Unsurprisingly, many pets spend their time sitting around and “just doing nothing”.

Credit: Briana Garcia, Geena San Diego, Victor Pack, Isabella Freelove, Eldie Hemingway, Aiden Dorsey-Carro, Jesus Alvidrez

From dogs to turtles, people do all sorts of strange and common things with their pets, but the activities are unique to each household. Pets are amazing, different, and unique to every last quality and fault. While annoying at times, and capable of crazy things, pets are creatures that will never cease to amaze, and in the end, will always be worth it in hard times.

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