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The Eagle's Scream Quarantine: Week 1

Updated: May 22, 2020

Enjoy these 3 journal entries from our very own staff, giving an intimate look into the life of a self-isolated teenager.

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I remember it being uncertain on Thursday as to whether or not school would indeed end for the next week, and on that day it didn’t seem quite so disastrous. Friday rolled around and it felt like the apocalypse struck. People were wearing facemasks, it was raining, which like, never happens in LA, and it was official-- school was shutting down.

I reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen for a while over the weekend, and we made plans to hang out over this weird, pseudo-break, only for that to be shot down by my dad.

Social isolation. I’m going insane.

The first day of at-home school was certainly interesting. There’s something to be said for doing work at your own pace, with the ability to take breaks or eat whenever you want. The problem with that, for me, anyway, was that I cannot focus without someone telling me to focus. I had no friends to tell me to work. I had no teacher reprimanding me for talking too much, or playing scorpion solitaire instead of working. What I’m saying is that somehow I managed to drag out working until slightly past 7 PM. I was exhausted by the end. This was a common theme all throughout the week.

Socially, I was also going crazy. I went outside to take a walk on Tuesday (in the park, which was almost empty), and I shattered my phone screen, which I assume is some sort of omen. I also saw a cute dog and moved towards it, only to have the dog’s owner back up like I had the plague. I suppose that’s fair. Does coronavirus mean you can’t smile, though?

The only social outlet I really had all week was my dad. I didn’t want to annoy him, seeing as we were in the same room from about 8 AM to 9 PM every day, so I didn’t FaceTime anyone (except for my boyfriend; I call him every time I take a short walk. He keeps me sane.). My dad and I have been spending our quarantined days watching 40’s screwball comedies (and one dumb Cary Grant movie called The Grass is Greener, wherein Cary Grant knows his wife is cheating on him and invites the dude she’s cheating with over to visit, and then fishes with him for some reason) and watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9. We also watched Bridesmaids, which had the dude from IT crowd in it-- I thought it was a really fun movie, but they didn’t ever explain why a british dude could be a cop, did they? It was sweet. It made me feel things. My dad and I also FaceTimed my grandparents, who are thankfully doing okay! They’re busy putting up ceramic frogs and hanging up my grandma’s quilts on the wall. It was nice hearing from them.

My friends and I set up a Zoom meeting on Friday, where we played cards against humanity. Social outlets! One of my friends dropped her phone in a bucket of water (literally!), so I haven’t been able to talk to her at all since school ended, but she joined the Zoom so I got to talk to her!

I won the game.

I moved houses to my godfather’s house later that Friday, for more social isolation but with a different person-- cool. I played an abundance of Minecraft with my boyfriend. Also, I rewatched Kill Bill, and was reminded why being buried alive is one of my biggest fears. I do not have Uma Thurman’s hand strength, either, so if I get buried I’m dying in there. Kill Bill has a gratuitous foot scene where Uma Thurman talks to her feet for five minutes, which is interesting. Despite this, I am now considering being the Bride for Halloween, if we aren’t still in the Coronapocalypse (official terminology) in October (we shouldn’t be, right? Right??).

Season 3 of the Netflix original Elite just dropped, and I am both excited and nervous to watch it. What’s the mystery this season? Will the characters… remain being incredibly hot? I’m on the edge of my seat.

Well. Tune in next episode, where my cat… becomes my therapist. Bye!